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Inspiring Business Podcast

| Colin Lee
Please note: The reposted podcast below was published by The Inspiring Business Podcast, where Property Advisor Colin Lee shares about connecting vision and purpose with customer impact. Click here to view the official podcast. This podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts here.

Colin Lee from Inspire Realty is attempting to be a catalyst for structural change in the property advising industry through his bespoke approach to creating individual investment portfolios.

Colin’s management approach as he scales his business has been formed from years of  experience and as he says ‘I’m still figuring this out”. As we all are. I thought it was clever and astute how Colin connected his role as visionary to purpose and making sure his team understand the impact their roles have on the client outcome.

It requires building trust and an open and honest environment to allow the business to flourish.

It’s interesting that the last two conversations I’ve had the business was started as a result of an unexpected event impacting on the individual. In Colin’s case it was a redundancy and in Chris Olufeso’s in Episode 46 it was a choice to leave a toxic environment, but both Chris and Colin had the idea, I’ll say, in reserve, and the event was the catalyst or enabler for them to make the change, and potentially if that situation hadn’t presented itself, the businesses would not have been created and therefore their value possibly would not have been uncovered and they would not now be making their impact on the world.

I see this happening with business owners where it’s not a redundancy but an event that causes them to think differently about their business. And sometimes it’s too late to recover from. And like Chris and Colin they never thought it would happen to them.

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