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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Moving to a new suburb, a new city, a new country. For many of us this has been a regular part of our lives and a process we have navigated on multiple occasions.

In my own life I have taken this journey many times. – sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes with hesitancy.
Oftentimes, what is the adventure or opportunity of a lifetime for one member of a family – an exciting new role or business- may be seen as a major life challenge for other members of the same family.

Children or young people may be obliged to switch schools or change their course of study. Some members of the family may not speak the language of the “new” country or understand the “culture” they will soon be adjusting to.

As a young adult, I moved from the United States to Europe. I was excited… I thought I spoke French but soon realised that my classroom training hadn’t truly prepared me to understand the spoken language with all of its nuances. As a newly married couple, my partner and I moved to South America where I was
confronted with a new culture, extended family and the complexities of life in a very large metropolis.

As young parents, we moved with our four children, then aged 5-9 to Australia. This was a complicated adventure- we started a business, and eventually found a community with values we shared where we could raise our children.

How does relocation impact the various members of a family?
What can be done to make the relocation adventure a pleasant time for everyone involved?

At Inspire Realty our desire is to make your relocation experience the best possible for all family members. We are here to help you.
Please get in touch with us so that we can customise a program to help you find the right new home, neighbourhood and community for your family.

We look forward to welcoming you to Australia.

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