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Inspire & Inform Show

Inspire & Inform Show – Episode 12

In episode 12 of the Inspire & Inform show we are excited to introduce you all to Vicki Lee who is going to be sharing her personal property journey and why she is so passionate about people and exceeding and delighting, helping them to build a better future together.

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Colin 0:09
Hello, good evening and welcome to our weekly live Inspire & Inform series. Episode 12. My name is Colin Lee founder of inspire realty helping our clients build a better future together. Tonight I’m very excited to be joined by our very special team member based out in Queensland. Vicki, Vicki is Joining me tonight. So welcome Vicki.

Vicki 0:36
Thank you very much Colin

Vicki 0:40
Good, good.How are you?

Colin 0:42
How is QLD treating you?

Vicki 0:45
Oh, well, Queensland is holding very good and everything seems pretty peaceful here. So yeah, you’re good.

Colin 0:53
You’ve got zero cases of covid transmission. I’m so happy for you guys a bit jealous but very happy.

Vicki 0:59
Yay. Definitely

Colin 1:02
my wife. Yeah, my wife’s family’s from Brisbane. So, you know, we we certainly love Brisbane and we were in Brisbane not long ago. But we can’t we can’t wait to go back to Brisbane, Vicki Yeah, I’m so Yes, so, Yeah, for tonight I I love to engage with team members. Because I, you know, my mentor said always to engage with people who are smarter than I am. And Vicki certainly has plenty of years of experience under her belt with life but also with business and property. I’m just very excited. Vicki is a mother, a wife, a very dear friend and Auntie as well. So Vicki, I’m just so excited to have you. Instead of me. Introducing you and and sharing a little bit about your background. Perhaps you can share with us your background. I know your Korean So maybe just share with us a little bit of your journey and your story so far.

Vicki 2:05
So thank you. Um, yeah, I My name is Vicki, by the way. And we are family actually, basically from Korea. We immigrate to Australia. Back in 1987 / 88 Oh my goodness. It’s been such a long time now. Yeah. And briefly, my dad actually had a bit of work related to Australia at the time in Korea. So he was actually getting a lot of the interest about Australia even though that time in Korea, not many people knows about Australia or thinking about migrate to Australia, but because of his work. He’s starting to think oh, Australia will be great. You know, nice country to live, particularly for our next generations. And yeah, he thought, Okay, let’s do that. And then Yep, boom, there we go. We all sort of migrate on that era and 1988 I believe it was actually, Seoul Olympic was holding on but we missed out even because that’s it. Come on away. Yeah.

Colin 3:26
Wow. Yeah, I can imagine in 1988, geez, I was very young boy then. But in 1988 not that many Koreans let alone Asians who’s migrated to Australia at that time. How did you how did you integrate into the Australian way of life? Vicki?

Vicki 3:47
See, um, it was actually not easy, in a way I guess because even for us, Asian background and there is Certainly a bit of a different culture issues and class. The English is second language, it’s not actually our language either. So it was actually hard to cope for a time being, particularly for my parents generation to cope with all this new environment. It was hard, but I guess they sacrificed for definitely for us, you know, for next generation and it did work, you know, we settled and we got help from a lot of people for sure. And family types, obviously, we be strongly together bonded and went through all that. And yeah, here we are.

Colin 4:44
So when you came to Australia, did you first come to Sydney or were you in Brisbane, where do you first?

Vicki 4:50
No, Sydney was actually our first landing area, and we were actually basically most of our family members from Sydney. But the thing is, after all, my dad has to have some kind of business up in Gold Coast that’s why he moved up first. And then my sister came up to help him. Something like that just naturally comes out around, you know, a few places, but divided, but oh, well, and it was okay because I was in Sydney, but like, I actually time to time go and visit my dad and my sister. My mom. Yeah. So it’s it was fine.

Colin 5:36
You settled in Sydney? What were you doing in Sydney? If you don’t mind me asking.

Vicki 5:40
Yeah, I actually graduated, you know, and then I started my business as well in Sydney. And

Colin 5:49
You were in the hospitality industry?

Vicki 5:51
Yeah, I actually had a travel agency for a long time. So I was running travel agency, um, we call it outbound, it’s not inbound. So we issue tickets and, you know, arrange tours and everything. So I was actually all along doing that. So very interesting. I get the I get to know a lot of people and meet a lot of people. And plus, I have a chance to also travel myself everywhere, you know, trael agents get a cheap discount. So it was a good opportunity at the time. So I travel many places. And if I think about that, yeah, I was lucky because I wouldn’t actually be able to travel that many places, you know, that young age. So, yeah, it was very good opportunity for me and blessing.

Colin 6:48
And luckily, you’re not running a travel agency now. I mean, I imagine a lot of travel agencies must be really struggling through, you know, this period of time in COVID.

Vicki 6:57
Oh, yeah. I know even though I actually sort of changed my industry to few other stuff, so it was actually quite a long time now that I have come up with, you know, travel agents business but still, you know if I think of it, yeah, nowadays it’s just they all struggling so I’m quite lucky in a sense that way. Yeah.

Colin 7:22
And then Vicki, you moved to Brisbane sunshine, the sunshine city. A few years later, what what made you move from Sydney to Gold Coast? to Brisbane?

Vicki 7:33
Yeah, um, I started to think about my son, my only son is now 15. But that time about, like, about the age where he had to go to high school, and I started thinking about you know, what will be better for him, you know, what can I actually provide him for his future in better way, and I’m not talking about Sydney a bad place to raise children, but it was getting tougher and tougher. And I want to be more peaceful. Also, in a sense, where he wanted to find something that he likes, then you know, he doesn’t get pushed around, you know, being an only academically or you know, being as a top students or whatever. So I want I want him to have more opportunity for sure that was the priority. And second thing was actually I know the prop property price was actually very comparable. Because Sydney was actually getting just too high. Even I had my own place like my own property. Well, if I actually think about moving somewhere else even be more better location for the school wise for my son or anything else. It would have been very much impossible because price was getting just too high. So yeah, that’s another thing.

Colin 9:00
It’s a very common experience shared by a lot of our clients. You know, I have many clients that have said, you know, Colin, when we do a property tour with you and we go up to Brisbane, we can’t help but imagine ourselves living in in Queensland, property prices are so much more affordable. We can get so much more for our money for what we can get in Sydney. And you know, education, there is great community there is great. So I’m not surprised. you’ve enjoyed Queensland so far. Do you think you’ll ever come back?

Vicki 9:33
I still visit Sydney. There are a lot of good things of asking you for show. But I love Brisbane. I mean, Brisbane is a beautiful city. Like I said, Just now, when I came to Brisbane, I sort of fell in love instantly. The city was great. community was really nice and you know, kind. Um, yeah, a lot of opportunities, you know, good environment. For the children, so I thought like, you know, this is a place where I could stay and call it ponds. It’s,

Colin 10:09
it’s no surprise, but Queensland has experienced the largest interstate migration compared to any other states. In Australia, and I was just hearing somebody say the other day that Brisbane has come up pretty tops is one of the most livable places in Australia. So we’ve not seen that yet.

Colin 10:31
Right. And plus the bonuses. You guys don’t have any, you know, community transmissions with COVID How good is that? Lucky. So Vicki, I know you’ve been in property for many years. I’m keen to you know, you’ve learned a lot of things. I guess for tonight. I’m just keen to understand some of your key learnings. What are some of the, you know, pose of wisdom that you can share with our viewers tonight. of all your years buying, selling, renting is Well, all those years What have you learned about, you know, your property journey? so far?

Vicki 11:07
Is my property journey? Yeah, it was quite a journey. Even in Sydney, few different sizes that I actually bought the properties in different locations like Moscow barunga homebush a few other places, but anyway, and start with child houses, and you know, house, but in the bush area, you will and some of the villas, and now up in Gulf Coast people Brisbane, two, three house just been built, or you know, like off the plan. And in Brisbane, it’s old house, or Queensland, the house but I completely went away It took six months. So there were quite a journey that I went through with the proper Jeez, I’ve rented a lot as well in between. So, also renting Mac, it sounds quite familiar to

Colin 12:09
us along the way, obviously, because I mean, for a lot of people, the Australian dream is to own your own property, and then to pay off the mortgage. But clearly, you went on a slightly different path. There were times when you’re renting, and you were not, you didn’t own all your properties that you lived in, throughout your whole journey. So yeah, but I’m keen to hear what were some of the things that you’ve learned out of that.

Vicki 12:32
Yeah, but actually, property wise and learned. It’s all depends on your circumstances, for sure. You know, renting is not a bad thing. You know, if you actually are keen to actually have some saving up and you know, prepare for the next outcome for getting a property for your owns Save them. Yeah, you have to get ready for it. And renting is also great, you know, step to it. But you know, owning a property, I found myself that it was also a great step to gaining your wealth. So that was on a key, actually, that we should all think about, you know, if I’m ready for it, or if I’m actually prepared to cope with all that, it’s always good to have, you know, your own property to sort of start with so you can gain your strategies about, you know, gaining wealth from that moment, and I found that, buying it and selling it and buying it again and selling it again in throughout those days, and never sort of lost. So I actually made a profit out of it. So even though it’s markets were always good and bad, you know, sometimes up or down But still property wise and sort of really never made a loss, which means that was, again, like I says, step to actually gaining the wealth, I believe.

Colin 14:12
Yeah, it’s a very interesting strategy because for most of our clients, some something that I do recommend quite a lot is, you know, when you’re building your property portfolio, try and buy and hold it for as long as you can. And I think everyone has different circumstances and situations. So you’ve had to buy and then sell throughout the many years. I guess for me, I’m just curious to know, Vicki, when you’re doing when you’re buying and selling properties like that, how did you manage that process? So So obviously, you’re not you’re not there to build a significant property portfolio. So So how did you get the timing right or was it about timing for you? Because you must be able to buy and sell and

Vicki 15:00
I could have say I was lucky. But for instance, when I actually coming up to Brisbane, I had this property in Homebush, down in Sydney, and the timing wasn’t actually really planful but that was actually one of the one of the actual record sale that they did for my property on that timing. So we did auction in Sydney and I made quiet a profit because it when it jumped up pretty high.

Colin 15:39
When did you buy the property?

Vicki 15:43
I bought it like in 2000, Sydney, Homebush one was 2000 and then I sold it like 2017 like 7 years after

Colin 16:01
do you mind if I ask? how much you’ve made in that in that seven years from 2000 to 2000? 2017 so that’s 17 years, Vicki

Vicki 16:11
No. Sorry 2010 to 2017 Excuse me.

Colin 16:17
Yep. You bought it at a good time.

Vicki 16:19
Yeah, yep. It was off the plan. So it was just a newly built at the time and when after seven years yeah, I made nearly about 500,000

Colin 16:36
Wow, that’s that’s pretty good effort. See, you know, in seven years not many people can make 500,000 I know your your family your background Vicki. You know, you work very hard with Uncle with with, you know your husband as well and putting a lot of hours into your business. But at the end of the day, you you put a lot of that money into your property and you saved up and built your wealth through property. I just cant imagine anyone saving 500,000 in 7 years through property that’s, that’s that’s quite a quite an amazing feat for yourself, Vicki.

Vicki 17:11
Yeah, yeah, it was I was even surprised myself when they actually putting a sign, you know, record sale of the suburb. You know, I was like Woohoo, but still like couldn’t believe the benefits. So, you know, holding a profit. I mean, holding a property for seven years and getting that much profit out of

Colin 17:30
Do you regret selling that one, Vicki, I know you had to because you had to consolidate your portfolio and then buy a place in Brisbane but in hindsight, do you do you feel it You know, it would you have sold it knowing what you know now.

Vicki 17:46
Yeah, I thought about it, but no regret. No, no. Every time I buy things or selling things, I try not to regret it. You know, that’s just the perfect timing for me. That was it? Yeah, yeah.

Colin 18:02
And you’ve established yourself in Brisbane anyway, so that’s great. Vicki, what have you learned about property or wealth creation? You know, what was some of the nuggets of wisdom that you’ve picked up along the way?

Vicki 18:16
Yeah, um, wealth wise you buy, you know, I look back and think about it in my journey. And I actually had a time that I will gain quite a bit of wealth, but also time that I lost it as well. But like I said, is I dont sort of regret it. Looking back, I learn things out of it, you know, whether it’s a bit of timing or happiness out of it, but still, and I, I think wealth is not really something that giving you all the happiness or the peace, you can have being a Christian myself, I only get the really truthful peace and happiness regard. So I learned that from my faith, which means I, I don’t actually regret things that I lost because of the wealth wise, you know, obviously, if you have more things, it can be a step of it, but it’s not the real key for your happiness. So wealth is yes, there to actually step ahead. But yeah, there will be a key for me anyway.

Colin 19:33
Well, wealth is important, but I think you have other things that you have also prioritize like your faith journey. Wealth is not just all about money, right at the end of the day, it’s about your faith journey. Your family. I know you have a very close family. Vicki,

Vicki 19:50

Colin 19:51
Well, Vicki, you’re you’re a very you know, passionate person you love working with people. Every time I see you, you’re always a very happy joyful, you know, full of smiles and I know one of the reasons I love working with you, Vicki is just your passion for people so I suppose I’m I’m keen and curious to know what inspires you what motivates you? What gets you out of bed Vicki and why are you involved in the in the property industry?

Vicki 20:18
Hmm. Actually, it really excites me. You know, whenever I see people and meeting new peoples and lives, you know, and stories of theirs. It really excites me because I know through the past journey that I gone through because I was with the hospital as a hospitality business all the time. I was also very familiar with dealing with people. But from that I learned, embracing understanding, respecting, be truthful. And those are the keys that I always value. BI value people, I mean value hearts. So I do really love to see all those people who actually comes around for the new property. You know, with the hopes and happy. Yeah, it’s just your makes me really good vibes.

Colin 21:17
Yeah, because every everyone’s got a story, isn’t it? Vicki? Yeah, you’re meeting people on a week to week basis. I know you’re currently helping one of our owners consolidate their property portfolio and sell a property which is based out about, what, 20 minutes 25 minutes from Gold Coast, which is on an acre and, you know, you tell me that you see a lot of aspiring homeowners that would come and visit the property and you get into conversations with them and you really get to hear about their family’s stories. Is there is there any story that kind of really sticks out from the people that you meet? You know, on a day to day basis?

Vicki 21:54
Suprisingly our of this Covid I didn’t really expect that many people to sort of comes around but you know 3rd inspection already we had to like people scrambling, 40 and 50 almost and yeah every time I meet all these families and couples and they all have obviously different stories I guess I could not also talk to them every individually detail life story but some of them actually sharing like all day now really wanted to sort of the, with their close family like daughter and mother with the ads as a dual occupancy and you know, being closer because of all these, you know, traumatic season whe are going through. Now they know the families more you know, value and tight. So yeah, I just believe that, you know, those stuff will actually really drives people to seeing the property market differently also? Yeah, yeah.

Colin 23:04
Because this is only what we’ve had, you know, you’ve had the third inspection and you’re telling me that every inspect, you get, you know, 15 anywhere from 15 to 20 families through the place. I mean, that’s, that’s pretty good. I’m like, people are still looking, you know, I think. Yeah.

Vicki 23:22
Yeah. For sure. Yeah.

Colin 23:25
I think no matter what the time is, I mean, to see that level of interest kind of gives me real confidence at the property, you know, property market is still strong, people are still showing interest. So, you know, that’s, that’s a positive sign Vicki, or maybe that’s for QLD, that’s, that’s incredible. It’s unheard of to have that many families. I mean, you you almost have to do crowd control, Vicki, you know, with,

Vicki 23:55
Something that we never take before, so busy, busy, busy. Yeah, yes.

Colin 24:01
And that’s exciting are meeting people on a on a week to week basis. That’s very exciting for you, Vicki.

Vicki 24:06
It is it is such a pleasure and very exciting. Yeah. and meeting new people, like, I’m very happy with and

Colin 24:17
you’re such a people person Vicki, so it kind of kind of worked really well for you. That last question. I guess before before we finish off Vicki, by the way, thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Thank you for, you know, giving us the confidence that you know, the property market is still strong and you know, people are still interested. So, so really, I’m keen to know, you, you’ve you’ve been through a lot I mean, you you’re actually you know, someone who’s who’s had many, many years of experience looking very young. I’m curious what what really what’s your grand vision in life in all this, I mean for you to be involved in real estate towards the latter part of your years in life, there must be a good reason for it. So I’m just curious to know what’s your grand vision in life? Vicky, why are you doing all this?

Vicki 25:08
Yeah, I’m grander vision, I would not sayreally grand vision, firstly, because of what I’m doing is actually my passion, what I like about and I think what I’m great about. So this is one thing that actually satisfies me, maybe not other people but me myself first. And actually it gives confidence of financially also for my families. And, you know, especially for my son who’s actually into golf these days, on a lot of support me tell you, so that also actually gives me a lot of peace and, but also, you know, I’m truly happy to help others in some way and I can actually be any help with my knowledge or with my assistance, and someone else’s, you know, problems or all the things that they actually need to solve with, then happy to do that, which is actually, with my knowledge and help. So that’s probably the property market that I can be with anyways. Yeah, I’m happy with it.

Colin 26:24
That’s very, very exciting, Vicki, I am so inspired. And I’m just so glad that you’re in this industry. It is an exciting industry. And I think it’s an industry that will last and certainly stand the test of time. And I love the fact that you know, you you’re doing this because of your family, and I think leaving a legacy for your son is quite a big thing. I mean, I don’t know too much about golf, but I’m sure that’s a very expensive sport. We’re using, I mean, the opportunities you’ve been able to give your son John, you know, because I know he’s only been playing golf. What? A year and a half. And he’s already he’s done incredibly well, Vicki that that’s, that’s, you know, testament to the support and I guess the platform that you’ve been able to provide for for your child as well, you know, during this time, well done.

Vicki 27:16
thank you. Thank you, Colin.

Colin 27:19
So, by the way, if if you’re watching and you’re keen to have a chat with Vicki, or myself or anyone our team members here at inspire realty visit drop in a message for us and we’ll certainly be happy to answer any of your questions or connect with you. And and if you’re interested in in booking a strategy session with us, jump on the website and request that as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time at this live show. Feel free to connect with us. Have a good night and Thank you. Bye for now.

Vicki 27:54
Thank you. Good night.

Colin 27:56
Good night.

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