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Investment Tips

3 Hot Tips to Navigate Through This Market

Looking for a property to invest in? We’re here to engage, encourage and empower you to be better educated and aware of the state of market for properties in Australia.

For years, I have invested in properties myself, shared and coached hundreds of people through the often challenging process of choosing and buying the right property and I wish to be sharing my opinions and what I have learnt over the years with you. On top of that, I will be interviewing and having discussions with economists, developers, builders, and seasoned property investors to better understand where they are at and what we can learn from them. The truly wise learns from the wise and makes their own judgement and takes action based on what you feel and think in your head and heart. Inspire and be inspired.

This blog and news is designed to Engage, Encourage and Empower us to be better educated and aware of the state of market for properties in Australia and offer you tips to make a well rounded judgment for yourself as to what is best for you.

We also hope to showcase homes and investments that inspire you to dream and live life to the fullest. We are looking at homes and spaces that are smart and sustainable. As we move into the future, it is imperative that we consider homes and investments for the long term.

3 Hot Tips

Prior to looking at investing in your next property, I encourage you to consider this before you take your next steps

HOT TIP # 1 – Invest in the long term and sustainable cash flow

Should you consider investing in property, you must take a long-term approach.

This is the best way to maximise your profit. Holding your investment over the long term, helps you ride the highs and lows of the markets.

You are exposing your investment to potential losses due to high entry and exit costs if you invest in the short term. Capital growth is what makes you rich. But you need cash flow to hold on to your investment.

HOT TIP #2 – Define your strategy and take a balanced approach

Which would you rather be, rich or right? Don’t let pride or ignorance get in the way.

It’s important to not get too concerned on extreme views about where markets are going, instead focus on a clearly defined strategy to achieve your goals and dreams.

There really is a lot of information and bad news about the economy and the world at the moment. While it is great in helping you do your due diligence, it is important to take a balance approach. Do remember that property markets have remained resilient. The impact of compounding at a higher long-term return is huge over long periods of time.

HOT TIP # 3 – Research the market and consider both Growth and Yield

You have to do the leg work, after all it is your money and future! Make a list of similar properties in the immediate area and speak to as many locals and real estate agents as you can. Get as info on average rents, property values, demographics and suburb reports.

The main factors you really want to put a lot of emphasis on is twofold, Growth and Yield. These 2 factors are heavily determined by microeconomic factors like Rent, Value, Transport, Quality, Design (Smart and Sustainable) and Amenities. The major macroeconomic factors include Economics and Employment, Population and Demographics, Infrastructure Spending and Supply & Demand.

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