Vicki Lee

QLD Strategist

Certificate of Registration

Vicki started her career in the travel industry where she was recognised as one of the best agency several times from the major airlines. Vicki is familiar with immigration policies as well as interpreting for her many clients from Korea, both abroad and local. 

One of the highlights in her career was her nomination as the main Korean interpreter for the Pre-Olympics held for International Intellectual Disabled Players in Italy (INAS) and the most recent Pre-Olympics held in Brisbane.   

Over the past 15 years, Vicki has owned multiple businesses from restaurants and interest in the manufacturing industry. During that time, Vicki has developed a passion for property and has experience purchasing and selling her own properties in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.  

Her travels and experiences living abroad have allowed her to develop an understanding of many cultures and worldviews. As well, Vicki has a lived experience as a property vendor, purchaser, tenant and landlord. Vicki speaks English and Korean fluently.

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