Our Inspire Realty Story

Our founder had always have a passion for property. 20 years ago, Colin and his family migrated from Malaysia and called Sydney, Australia home. Coming as a migrant, his family has to learn the ways of their new home with new cultures and new ways for making a living. It wasn’t always a life of fun and fulfillment, but hard work.

Over the years, Colin had developed an entrepreneurial spirit and found ways to make money, he embarked on his first business venture educating millennials and young people. Over the next 7 years, his business grew and had impacted over 40,000 young people and his business then won the award for Best Educational Services at the Australian Business Awards.

Colin found himself working harder than ever, speaking at many schools, universities and companies only to make the equivalent of a school principal, working 80 hours a week. That is when Colin realised that working hard alone will not be good enough to be financially free.

He then met a mentor who was only a couple of years older who was running a very successful business and had a portfolio of 5 properties. He decided to be coached and mentored by him and in fact worked closely with him. Over the years, Colin had worked on building his property portfolio and have now built a portfolio of properties across multiple cities in Australia. He now helps other migrants, young people and professionals build and manage their property portfolio.

Colin has had over 12 of experience in the property industry spanning from being a principal and licensee in charge of multiple real estate agencies to the Project Sales Director of one of Australia’s leading property development groups. He was also the National Sales Director for a fully personalised and complete end to end personal property concierge service company. Colin’s last appointment was the Head of Strategic Property Services of one of Australia’s largest property investment services company in Australia before starting his own firm.

Inspire Realty now has a team of property professionals who together will be helping others in their property journey. Bringing people and property together to build a better and brighter future.

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