Please see below some free resources that we have created to help the Inspire community along their property journey. These resources have been created so that you can get immense value from them regardless if you choose to work with Inspire. We wish you all the best in your property journey to live better and brighter lives. To your future success.

The Inspire Realty Team

Portfolio Analysis

At Inspire, we have developed some bespoke tools to assist in evaluating your current situation in comparision to your longer term goals, evaluating the cash flow from your current portfolio and potential future investments. Keeping in line with one of our core values of transparency, we wanted to “lift up the curtain” and take you behind the scenes with this exclusive webinar which goes through in detail a clients scenario and will give you a really good idea of part of our valuable Strategy Session should you choose to work with us.

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Free Property Evaluation

Currently evaluating your property options? Have one of our expert strategists evaluate the property you are considering. We will manually complete a comparitive market analysis and appraisal for the property that you are considering and provide you with a comprehensive report and some brief thoughts and considerations on the property.

This process generally takes us 1 hour to complete and is not an automated service and on our mission to help both owner occupiers and investors make smart property decisions this is out gift for you.

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